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Frequently Asked Questions

InCredible | Accounts Receivable ManagementHow do you charge?
I charge an hourly rate, differentiating me from contingency based collection agencies and attorneys and allowing me to be more customer service oriented. As a contractor, I am a part of your customer service team!

What is your rate of success?
Depends on the quality of the receivables! We should be able to significantly improve the A/R turnover rate to increase cash flow.

What is your method?
I treat all people with respect to resolve payment issues and reach mutually satisfying results.

What if your attempts to collect do not work?
If polite, persistent, professional contact does not net results, it is time to evaluate other options – collection agencies and legal actions. I can help my clients make these decisions and move in that direction.

Do you have a minimum amount to collect?InCredible | Accounts Receivable Management
I do not have a minimum. What are you willing to pay for? A phone call usually takes a minute or two. Purchase an hour of my time and we can contact 30 – 40 debtors or contact the same debtor 30+ times. It is the client’s decision, as are all parameters of the collection process.

What is the oldest account you are willing to work on?
I will make the same top effort even on an aged account. Again, that is a client decision. Sometimes people do pay their bills even at 2 – 4 years of age, if handled correctly. On the other hand, the older a bill is the less likely to have positive collection results.

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